By understanding your requirements we partner in the success of your business through the most valuable asset in your organisation. Its people! Research has indicated that by matching competencies with organisational culture, employee engagement levels dramatically increases which leads to an increase in productivity. Furthermore we pride ourselves on exceptional candidate care to include a thorough screening process, interview preparation and timely feedback to ensure that expectations are effectively managed.


Competency-based assessment is a process that determines whether a person meets the standards of performance required by a job.

Hager & Gonczi,1994

In the contemporary world of work, characterised by rapid and dramatic change, the attainment of competence has become an integral component of individual, organisational and national strategies. An organisation’s market value and financial success rely increasingly on competence (McLagan, 1997). These factors, amongst others, have created an impetus for innovative trends and advancements in the practice of human factor assessment techniques.

Article by TE Potgieter and RP van der Merwe-South African Journal of Industrial Psychology


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