Ergonomix’s Payroll Administration service offers you ease of use, stability and reliability. Whether your business is an SME or a multinational corporation, we cater to your unique company and legislative needs, giving you the rock-solid support you need to grow your business with confidence.


Our Service in a Nutshell

  • Processing of weekly, fortnightly or monthly wages and salary payrolls
  • Processing of confidential or electronic pay slips
  • Electronic payment of statutory payments : PAYE, UIF & SDL
  • Processing, reconciliation and submission of SARS Year End & EMP 501
  • Dedicated Payroll Consultants & Administrators
  • Package structuring
  • Payroll Processing & validations
  • Produce sealed or electronic Pay Slips
  • Management & Standard Payroll Reports
  • Reports for reconciliation of payments to statutory authorities
  • Statutory payments : PAYE , UIF and SDL via SARS E-Filing
  • Electronic payment of salaries
  • Submission of UIF reports
  • SARS PAYE Tax Year End via SARS E-Filing
  • IRP5 and IT3A documents
  • SARS EMP 201 via SARS E-Filing
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Updates from SARS, The Department of Labour, etc.
  • General Ledger Interface
  • 3rd Party Payments
  • Leave
  • Internet access
  • Loan Management

Outsourcing Partner vs. Software Solutions

Ergonomix provides a comprehensive payroll administration solution. We therefore do not sell a payroll software system (that you still need to administer), but rather provide you with a complete managed payroll solution.

7 Differences: Payroll Software vs. Outsourcing Partner



Payroll Software System

Ergonomix outsourced solution


Responsibility for setting up and maintaining calculation parameters

Client's responsibility, provider can update at a cost

We do it all for you


Setting up reports and extracting it when required

Client's responsibility, provider can set up at a cost

We do it all for you


Making payments to staff and 3rd parties

Client's responsibility, bank charges for transfers is clients cost

We do it all for you and carry all bank charges


Reconcile and submit monthly statutory returns

Client's responsibility – massive penalties if late or incorrect

We do it all for you


Reconcile and submit payroll 3rd party schedules

Client's responsibility

We do it all for you


Responsibility to keep payroll in line with statutory legislation

Client's responsibility

We do it all for you


Resolving SARS queries

Client's responsibility

We do it all for you

Advantages of Outsourcing

  • Cost effective
  • No Payroll Software License Fees
  • No Payroll Software Consulting Fees and training costs
  • No Bank charges for net pay and 3rd party transfers
  • No Pay slips stationary Cost
  • No Salary and desk costs of payroll administrators
  • Peace of mind that your payroll will be processed correctly
  • Direct access to Tax and Labour law experts
  • A single point of contact for all your payroll related queries
  • No more frustration in learning complicated payroll systems
  • No more concerns about payroll staff resigning or being on leave
  • An unqualified, stress free payroll audit

Why Ergonomix?

A workflow system to manage your entire payroll process which includes:

  • Input and cut-off date management
  • Email Reminder and Notifications
  • Auditable data tracking of all activities
  • Authorization Process
  • Document Management
  • Encryption of all your sensitive data
  • Interactive Reporting and Dashboards
  • Online 24/7 and data at your finger tips
  • Financial Audits made easy


Our Employee Self Service (ESS) solution is an online solution accessible via the internet, tablet or smartphone. It is an easy and effective means for employees to:

  • View and print current and historic pay slips
  • View and print current and historic IRP5’s
  • View leave balances
  • Apply for leave
  • Submit expense claims

Managers can then approve leave applications or expense claims online, and the data is sent directly to the payroll for processing. No more paperwork for managers or employees.